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Using proven techniques we will treat wasp nests within or around your premises. We advise you not to try to destroy these nests on your own as this can be very dangerous, there are typically thousands of inhabitants of the average wasp nest.

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Rats and mice are a very common pest causing damage to your property and harbouring diseases. Reproducing up to 10 times a year, one or 2 mice can quickly become 10, 50, even 100+ in a year, giving a very serious infestation. Repellants, poisons, traps, and entry point occlusion are a few methods we use to keep your property rat and mice free.

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There are thousands of fly species in the UK. Cluster flies, house flies, bottle flies and mosquitos are just to name a few which can potentially be a pest to your home, even more so in commercial kitchens such as in pubs and restaurants. Call us to eradicate the problem, electric fly zappers, mesh screens, or fly rolls are a few method we use to keep your premises a fly free zone.

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Welcome to No Pest Ltd we offer professional pest control for Shropshire

We provide pest control services for residential and commercial customers via immediate call outs and ongoing service visits.

Problems we treat

• Ants• Bedbugs• Cockroaches
• Fleas• Flies• Mice
• Moles• Moths• Pigeons
• Mice• Rats• Squirrels
• Wasps• Wood worm• And others..

Effective pest control services for Shewsbury, Oswestry, Ludlow, Telford, Wrexham, Chester, Church Stretton, Whitchurch, Cheshire, Welshpool, Newtown, Mid Wales, Shropshire, Powys and beyond!

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